Glad you have come to look at Evelyn’s unusual glass artwork. This project began over 30 years ago with a dream and now is real. In her studio, she collected glass from all over the world, treat it with my special process then create the artwork that you see on the side. Each piece is unique coming forth out of the glass itself. No glass is cut or changed from the way she initially found it. The pictures emerge from the glass patterns themselves.

The unusual one of a kind artwork was first inspired to create unique artwork for children. Evelyn began to devise a plan to take the rough edges off the glass. After much effort and care, she developed this technique for taking broken glass collected from all over the world, processing it and without modifying the shape of the glass at all creating these wonderful pictures.

She found this unique art form is best used for her creations when she let the glass dictate what the picture should be and it also was a special contribution to the environment to recycle these materials.

The final realization of her dream began on January 1, 2008. Thank you for viewing my work.